About 2 Orange Owls

2 Orange Owls is a network of creative facilitators specialized on workshops, visual facilitation and recording, innovation events, experienced orientated learning and training. We support you with your change management project or just an igniting workshop.

2 Orange Owls Experts

2 Orange Owls Experts

2 Orange Owls is operating worldwide and trying to find the experts within the network that is providing the most value to your venture,

2 Orange Owls is not stopping after ideation. We help you to get the idea into real life via prototyping and pilot phases.

But 2 Orange Owls will also remind you that we believe that it’s not about changing only the way you do business it’s all about human centric innovation and projects. Because when ever you change your workflow the people and even your company culture may need to change too.

What we do – is done with passion

If you ask for our service portfolio we are struggling a bit how to answer it.

Yes, we facilitate workshops and try to embed creative methods.

Yes, we give trainings on project management (incl. preparatory class for certification), change management, creativity as method for problem solving, graphic facilitation for project or workshop leads and many more.

Yes, we develop new training concepts for you and your business needs to ensure engagement of students and sustainable training success.

Yes, we moderate a debate or conference.

Yes, we do graphical recording, graphical facilitation or sketch noting.

Yes, we even take over project management tasks or consult you in building your own project management office (PMO).

But, we do what we need to ensure that we meet the needs of the people that you are targeting within your project or endeavor. We think that interruptions are part of the building a future process not the root cause. We believe in people and the strength of your team.

So let’s talk about a concreate challenge and find out what is best for your team – a tailored training, a wonderful workshop, a professional project support.