Workshop Facilitation

Workshop Facilitation is art.

Workshop Facilitation by 2 Orange Owls

Example for an Open Space Theme (Extract) by 2 Orange Owls

Have you ever been at a real inspiring workshop? It seems that good workshops facilitation have been rare lately. But to be honest – good workshop facilitation need a lot of prep work. So even if you would like just a small workshop for you leadership team to finalize the goals for the next year or to build trust within your project team, there is a time for prepping that workshop day.

We at 2 Orange Owls try to identify your needs upfront and start with a clear statement of the workshop goal prior to working with the group. Yes the outcome isn’t predefined but we need to know about your current state and what we are aiming for within the limited time we can spend with the team.

Be prepared that we don’t stop with the definitions of SMART goals but that we also discuss owner- and sponsorship as well as how to operational the vision.

Get more out of the day than paper! Get an unexpected experience with 2 Orange Owls that is inspiring and hands on at the same time. You can start after a workshop directly with the implementation. All that can be achived with a extraordinary workshop facilitation by 2 Orange Owls.