Visual Facilitation

Visual Facilitation helps to understand the different point of view in a complex and excited discussions.

Visual Facilitation is art!

Visual Facilitation is art!

Often we seem to understand the other person but if you sketch it you see that the message is always created by the receiver. Visual Facilitation can help to get opponents to understand each other a bit better but also to get into more details by taking the sketch into account.

You can make use of Visual Facilitation by 2 Orange Owls and get a facilitator for your workshop or meeting. 2 Orange Owls will help you to stay focused and use the limited time more effective. Think about that a picture says more than thousand words. While working with 2 Orange Owls you will get a feeling for the method. Ask for samples while we’re preparing your next event.

If you’re looking for an Graphical Recording of your event without facilitation? No problem, we can step aside and just record visually your event with your input.

Questions? Just send a request to contact (at) 2OrangeOwls dot com.